Medical Aroma Therapy
作者 劉大元醫師   
2010/09/11, Saturday

Medical Aroma Therapy

The Essence is extracted from the volatile and fragrant substance of the flower, leaf, seed, rootstalk, and bark.  It can get into the body timely and it may calm the emotion down, help the blood circulation, and promote the metabolism.  It may achieve the effective goal of strengthening the immune system.

The Orientation of Medical Aroma Therapy


        After observing the market for many years, I have found out that the aroma therapy which is offered by general beauty center could only be called “Oil Message”.  Oil Message could be effective, because the pure message without any essence could also make some patients feel comfortable.  However, the general beauty center can’t catch the key point of the Medical Aroma Therapy precisely.  We use the Chinese Medicine’s concept of five elements and meridian, plus the theory of Western Medicine’s science to make lots of essence which could improve the symptom of disease and cure the body.  After many years of clinical experiences, it has been proven that  it has curative effects, then it can be qualified as the Medical Aroma Therapy.


Using Double Methods, and It Has Better Curative Effect


        Nearly twenty years, I find out that it has better curative effect to use double methods in the clinical treatment.  Because I not  only use Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine,but I also combine the main medicine with the Complementary and Alternative Medicine in order to let the patient have  more medical options. Because of combining diverse medical treatment, it can achieve the goal of improving human’s health. Using the Medical Aroma Therapy which combines with the related theory of Chinese Medicine and the Western Medicine, the curative effect works much quicker than making injection or taking medicine. It often makes the patient feel astonished.

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