Nutritional Medicine
作者 劉大元醫師   
2010/09/11, Saturday

Nutritional Medicine

Some symptoms of diseases result from the lack of vitamins, and this also proves that the vitamin is the nutritional necessary. In addition to be used as daily health protection, it can also be used as pharmaceuticals in clinical application.

Human Body should be timely supplied with sufficient and balanced vitamins like amino acid, minerals, rare elements, etc. Some of them function as coenzyme inside the body and others are the necessary materials for human body’s biochemical action, they can also assist the biochemical action to finish completely.  Moreover, they can maintain the completeness of every organ’s function, like the car needs to be fueled up and to be repaired.  Above all, that is motivation I want to research into the Nutritional Medicine.


Vitamin is Particular about Individuality


        With regards to the use of Vitamins, the Main Medicine still stays its concept of “Daily Recommended Dietary allowance”which is formed of sex and age given by the Department of Health.  However, this is not the best standard. As the medicine should be individual, the kind and dose of the Vitamin should be changed depends on the people, time, and symptom.  Thus, the nutritional materials like vitamins, amino acid…, and so on are recognized the same status as the Chinese and Western Medicine in my clinical treatment.  The importance of the nutritional materials can’t be overlooked.

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