Magic Jade Therapy
作者 劉大元醫師   
2010/09/11, Saturday

Magic Jade Therapy

        I use different quality and color of five colors jade and insert them into the negative pole separately.  It can contact with the patient’s acupuncture points directly.  Therefore, I arrange the Magic Jade Therapy which shows the curative effect bigger than triple effect indeed

Electromagnetic field affects the human’s body a lot.


        Human body is composed of a mass of electron clouds  and also a region of magnetic field. Our bodies take the magnetic power which comes from the solar magnetic field everyday.  We live peacefully in the global magnetic field, enjoy the convenience of life that electromagnetic field has brought. The solar magnetic field protects our body and keeps our health.  The magnetic field is everywhere.


The Jade Arouses the Astonishing Curative Effect


        The reader would feel esoteric when I say this.  However, as I collect the five colors (green, red, yellow, white, and black) of jewels, examining thousands of people’s constitution by using scientific EAV, comparing different color and quality of jewels and crystals in order to find the most beneficial jewel , and then I discover that the “jade” helps improve  the human’s body most.  There are some people overseas also engaging in the jewelry therapy and that is called “Crystal Therapy”. Therefore, I try to use different quality and color of jades--- green jade, red jade, yellow jade, white jade, and black jade for example. Comparing the jade with colored paper clinically, then I discovered that the jade is not affected by the change of light.  Besides, the curative effect is much better and it makes me feel joyful.

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