Electro-Acupuncture according to Dr. Voll, EAV
作者 劉大元醫師   
2010/09/11, Saturday

Electro-Acupuncture according to Dr. Voll, EAV


EAV has the ability of the “examination”, and examines the change of the body’s organ.  Besides, it also has the effectiveness of “cure”.  It can guide the energy potential “in” and “out” by every low impedance point, balance the electric potential of human body, and even achieve the curative effect.

Nowadays, many doctors examine the patient by staring at the computer’s screen and typing on the keyboard.  They do their job silently for fear of typing the wrong prescription, lacking of NHI reimbursement, or receiving the fine.  The patient has experienced the uncomfortableness to consult the doctor. It takes long time to register at the counter, wait for seeing the doctor in the waiting room, and pay the bill to get the medicine.  Further, the patient has little time to consult the doctor; on the contrary, the doctor also has little time to examine the patient.  A big gap exists in the relationship between the doctor and the patient.  The doctor can not confirm the patient’s main cause of illness right away, and he can only attempt to give the prescription for the patient and observe the condition. Then, according to these methods, he decides to change the prescription for patient to try again. This sequence of “pharmaceuticals testing” causes the quality of medical treatment is hard to be lifted.

Therefore, when I discover the energy medicine could help me to choose the pharmaceuticals; I begin to change the procedure of cure. General doctors diagnose the patient first, then cure his disease.  However, I turn over the procedure that I set up a set of “pharmaceuticals testing model” in order to sift the appropriate medicine for the patient.  Based on the patient’s suitable medicine, I infer that his symptom of illness.  Then, I compare the medicine and the symptom with the patient.  If the comparison is correct, then I’ll check again the procedure of diagnosis and cure.

To make use of the principle that EAV is a way to examine the variety and dose of effective medicine, I plan a set of essential pharmaceuticals in order to treat different Zang-fu diseases of the body. According to the main function of every single pill, I analyze the symptom of patient’s disease, and then I jump into a conclusion for diagnosis in the end.

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