Chelation Therapy could eliminate the harmful heavy metals from the body,
作者 劉大元醫師   
2010/07/20, Tuesday
Patients could feel relieved that doctors monitor the concentration of EDTA all the time
No! Because the structure which combines toxic heavy metal ions with the human body is loose while EDTA
could strongly combine with toxic heavy metal ions. Therefore, EDTA may easily chelate them and drain them away from the human body.
Relatively, the beneficial metal ions could combine with the human body tightly and also won’t be chelated and eliminated easily. The only exception is: when the beneficial heavy metal ions which contain “much higher concentration”, the EDTA’s affinity to chelate them could also be lifted. Therefore, it is inevitable to bring out some beneficial metal ions.
Consequently, we will monitor the concentration of EDTA in the body, supplying it simultaneously by injecting into the preparation which contains EDTA or provides oral medicine like vitamins, minerals.
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