Can I cease Chelation Therapy at anytime?
作者 劉大元醫師   
2010/07/20, Tuesday
Can I cease Chelation Therapy at anytime? What impacts will make on me after ceasing the therapy?Will I return to the original condition slowly after ceasing the therapy?
        Chelation Therapy can be ceased at anytime. The benefit that Chelation Therapy brought to the patients last time could maintain about one to two weeks, and it depends on personal constitutions, numbers of heavy metal in the body, and conditions of the patients. Chelation Therapy won’t cause the dependency and it also won’t let the condition suddenly become worse after ceasing the therapy. Chelation Therapy clears heavy metals from the body. Just like we cleanthe kitchen, one day when we stop cleaning, it will slowly become dirty and greasy. It won’t be in a terrible mess right away.
 Therefore, stopping undergoing Chelation Therapy makes the vessel return to the original condition slowly. Only after we clear  heavy metals from the body by EDTA, the damage of free radical can be reduced, and the vessel can be repaired.  The blood stream can return to normal, and then make the organ system run as usual gradually.
        It depends on individual conditions and therapeutic times through a sequence of procedures and results. If two times of therapy separate too long, the symptom may appear again in about one month or half a year. We would feel that we did vain attempt  to the last time therapy. However, the therapy must be meaningful every time. As we clean  the kitchen every time, we make the kitchen much clearer as least. 
        The doctor would estimate that the patient has recovered to the originally anticipative condition when a course of treatment is over. We need to do preventive Chelation Therapy once a month or two months in order to maintain the best condition.
        The  level that the heavy metal harms the human body depends on everyone’s condition of gene, lifestyle, diet, exercise…etc. People who accord with the following conditions have higher possibilities to undergo Chelation Therapy again:
1.      The person is affected by gene seriously.
2.      The person lives under the severe surrounding which has polluted by heavy metals.
3.      The person eagerly wants to preserve their health and is also willing  to practice.
4.      The person has severely familial medical history. No matter what kind of diseases, they may cause unusual bio-chemical action by the damage of heavy metals. That will also raise chances of having a relapse. 
5.      The person feels that he or she has aged quickly.
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