If the Chelation Therapy is safe and efficient, then why it isn’t classified to the Main Medicine?
作者 劉大元醫師   
2010/07/20, Tuesday
To Achieve the Impossible Mission of Main Medicine
     Like Dr. Elmer Cranton who expands on the Chelation Therapy in America mentioned in the Bypassing Bypass.
To Achieve the Impossible Mission of Main Medicine
        Like Dr. Elmer Cranton who expands on the Chelation Therapy in America mentioned in the Bypassing Bypass. The Chelation Therapy could not be widely accepted by the masses because of political and enormously economical benefits.
        It costs an enormously fund to acquire a FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) admission that a new medicine possesses the curative effect of the specific disease. FDA doesn’t inhibit  EDTA from medical uses.
 Unfortunately, the patent of EDTA fails in expiration. Therefore, there are no factories wanting to put funds in academic and clinical researches of EDTA.  Besides, the beneficial amount of bypass surgery and related medicine reaches hundreds of millions every year. If the Chelation Therapy is classified to the Main Medicine’s system, it will certainly affect some departments which own the benefit originally. Therefore, secretly political manipulation has intervened in the popularity and development of Chelation Therapy.
        Nevertheless, all opposing force which is against the Chelation Therapy could not forbid the patients who are benefited from the Chelation Therapy to popularize. Patients gain better improvements from the Chelation Therapy. There is almost no side effect as long as the qualified doctor prescribes correct doses, and no case history which was harmed or caused death by Chelation Therapy. In Main Medicine, there is still 3~4% mortality when the patient who has better condition operates bypass surgery. Not even mentioned if the surgery combines with other risk factors like advanced age, thrombosis, and emergent surgery. The mortality can achieve much than 5% and the side effects of the surgery like apoplexy, thrombosis, infection, and post-operation pain can even achieve 35% mortality.
        Moreover, when human’s blood has partial obstruction, it stands for different level of obstruction and arteriosclerosis.   It only treats for 1.5 centimeter obstruction while operating coronary artery stent to a patient who has acute myocardial infarction. And bypass surgery also only displaces the severely partial coronary artery. Is it possible that the other part of coronary artery completely has no phenomenon of sclerosis and obstruction? Could it also be said that other part of arterial and venous circulation system in the body also completely has no phenomenon of sclerosis and obstruction?
 Therefore, only Chelation Therapy could improve the sclerosis and obstruction of whole blood vessels. Besides, the safety of Chelation Therapy is much better than that of surgery.
Receiving the permission by The Department of Health in 2007
        The Department of Health permits EDTA can be manufactured internally in 2007, and also issues the medicinal permission. Unfortunately, there are still many doctors bringing unknown medicine which can not confirm its expiration and then claiming that it stands for the Chelation Therapy.   It makes people worry about this situation.
        Therefore, we specially establish 「The Chelation Therapy medical association of R.O.C」for the sake of educating and popularizing officially the correct way of using Chelation Therapy in the field of medicine, and even look forward to educating the masses hand in hand with the field of medicine and pharmaceutical. We popularize the right concept of using the Chelation Therapy to the society, preventing the illegal pharmaceuticals from importing, and truly ensure the medical right and safety of the public.
        Certainly, every medical behavior needs the protection of law, a doctor’s conscience, and ethic to ensure that the patient could possess better medical services, medical qualities, and curative effects.  Simultaneously, it is also a way of cultivating the doctor and the patient to trust each other and reducing to generate medical disputations.